Security Procedures at RSW Arrivals Terminal

At Southwest Florida International Airport, passengers commuting via domestic or international routes must be checked by TSA security upon entry to the United States. The security procedure consists of several steps, such as luggage checking, body scanners, X-ray screening.

After being checked by TSA agents' passengers have to move to the next section for the clearance at the Custom and Border Protection Center.

Custom and Border Protection

Custom and Border Protection team with its CBP agents will check your identification and ensure the safety of allowing each passenger to enter the States. CBP makes the right to verify the Real I.D.s, immigration documents, Visa, etc. Under the CBP policy, further questions can be asked to passengers if CBP agents think that it is a must to know the aim of the arrival, duration of the stay, and similar issues.

The next procedure is to claim the baggage and go ahead to the meeting points or exit area.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Point areas at RSW Airport

At RSW Airport Airline Baggage Offices are available across from Baggage Belts, numbered from 1 to 10. For visitors to Lee County, information booths are located in the international arrivals hall or /and near the Baggage Belts N3 and N7. To get to meeting points or exit the area, please follow the signs designated in each part of the airport.