At Southwest Florida International airport, around 11,250 space is covered via the parking area. Hourly and daily parking garages are located at the entrance to the terminal and around the main terminal building too. There is a three-level parking space used to host a short-term parking lot.

Long-term Parking Service at RSW Airport

The Long-term Parking Lot is known as the economy parking type. To reach this parking lot, go ahead to the surface lot, which is behind the garage, and take door-to-door shuttle service to and from the terminal curb. Besides what has been mentioned, the RSW airport provides luggage assistance from the driver.

Long-term Parking rates per hour is 2$, daily – 11$, Weekly – 60$, and daily rate after the first week is 4$.

Short-term Parking Service at RSW Airport

Customers have another option for parking. A covered parking area with a brief walk distance to the terminal, RSW offers Short-term Parking Garage, which is located across from the terminal building on the ground floor. Parking the first 20 minutes at Short-term garage is free. There is also the second level covered parking area and a third-level spacious garage.

Both parking lots (Short and Long-term parking garages) are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Reservations are not required.

RSW Airport Parking for travelers with disabilities

Airport Parking service for air travelers with disabilities or special needs is available for 24 hrs per day. Parking service is located in all airport parking areas, both in Long-term Parking and Short-term Parking garages.

Be aware and follow standard signage symbols designated for disabled upon the entry at Short-term Parking lot. Remember that parking spaces are located next to walkways and elevators. Additionally, RSW Airport has provided an emergency call box Push-buttons throughout the parking area for any immediate assistance.

Upon the entry in the Long-term parking garage, note that there is offered door-to-door shuttle service for both: passengers and luggage. Shuttle bus carries you between the terminal curb to your car. Furthermore, RSW airport has provided handicap accessible shuttle buses with trained and friendly drivers who will assist you with your luggage. It is recommended to notify the parking attendant that you enter the Long-term Parking garage of accessibility needs.

Cell Phone Lot at RSW Airport

At RSW airport, you will find 30 space "Cell-Phone Lot" for customers to pick up the arriving passengers, located at Airport Plaza. To get to the cell phone lot, you should take the airport's main entrance road - Terminal Access Road and follow the signs. From the terminal curb to the cell phone lot drive takes about two minutes.